Christmas card

"Kartoffelkur" - this word in Denmark is connected with the credit crunch and means that instead of fancy foods we have to live on cheap potato.

Actually, I like potato. It can be used for several things. For example to make a stamp of it and to print greeting cards.

I used thick, rustic, brown paper and played with the different kinds of red colors. In the elementary school we also used potatoes to print, but we carved sophisticated motifs and sought to get a perfect result. This time I enjoyed the potatoes' not perfect surface and kept it as simple as possible.


Children's Bible - especially for Tristan

I was invited as a guest to Tristan's birthday party and tried to come up with a special present. Though it was on his wish list when he got baptized about one and a half years ago, he didn't get any children's Bible then. So now I made a personalized, hand-crafted Bible for him. Since I was in doubt if it really was his first Bible, I called it "The two-years-old Tristan's Bible".

Of course in such a Bible illustrations dominate. But I added some words in Hungarian as well, since some children get an early interest in learning the letters. Tristan lives in Denmark with his parents, but his father is Hungarian. I - as one of their physically close Hungarian friends - feel a certain kind of responsibility to help him learning this language.

The book has a pull-out form made of box cartoon, which is light but strong enough (if not, I can easily reproduce it any time but I encouraged the family to really use the book). There are 12 pages both from the old and the new testament in chronological order, which will hopefully give a good time to Tristan and his daddy sitting together and talking about the different stories.
(More about the birthday party here.)



My sweetest client is Tristan, who is turning 2 soon. His parents asked me to design his birthday party invitation card.

Tristan has a great interest in motorbikes, cars and other vehicles. One of his first words was "tractor", so it was easy to find a relevant motive to his card. Yesterday I got the cards printed and they seemed to be a hit at my client.
PS. I made a fancy cake for the party in a similar style.