Simple, personal

I have two friends from an internet forum. We have a very similar taste in music and it's a kind of tradition to make our annual "best of" CDs every year around Christmas / New Year and send them to each other. We are hedonistic types: in the age of mp3 downloads we still buy CDs and enjoy unpacking them and getting surprised. That's why I always design carefully not only the track list but also the artwork of my disc.
This year I only used recycled papers and the whole thing is handmade without any print.

There are some of my other CDs from the last couple of years.



Some time ago I got a booklet of paper samples from a distributor. It was a beautiful, inspiring collection of different papers, but what to do with it? I mean I really wanted to use the sheets, to try, to see how different they were. That's why I made this small relief: its size is 23 x 33 cm (without frame) and its depth is 5 cm. I hung it close to the heating and it also got some direct sunshine through the window. After a couple of weeks, months some details turned to yellow, so the relief has gotten a kind of vintage-looking. It hangs to cover a not very nice hole with a piece of cable, but in the same time it's not too dominant on the withe wall.