Decal for the Wilderness

A good old friend of mine, living in California and working as a volunteer in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness, asked me to help with one of their projects. It was about making a decal with two purposes.
The first use is by wilderness rangers. This way the decals are intended to be used to encourage conversations with visitors about good stewardship practices, and as a tool to emphasize and make conversation more memorable and positive (the opposite of a Violation Notice.)
The second use is to offer the decals for sale at relevant outlets as a souvenir of National Forest Wilderness.

(The upper right one was chosen from the color variations.)
The goal of the design is to create a decal attractive as both a souvenir and as a back-country wilderness stewardship education tool. I made a small research on, what kind of animals or plants live in the Sierra, and which ones are "popular" amongst visitors. I found that marmot is considered to be a funny creature with its look and behavior, so the decal of it could also be popular.
The print is waterproof and suitable for attaching to windows, water bottles, etc. as is popular with many outdoor enthusiasts.

My friend's boss liked one of my other sketches. He asked me to finalize that design so it could be used as a T-shirt motive for the summer volunteer crew. Though mosquito is quite irritating during the summertime, with a good sense of humor it can be taken.



I have already made a post about the design of a Hungarian gastro-blog. Robert, the owner of that great blog meant that it was the highest time to make an English version of it, and asked me for some help. After some online brainstorm (we have never met in real life), we found a name of it: myBites. The new site is not a direct translation of the original Hungarian blog, but a complete and structured website with photos, recipes and events. It was me, who designed the logo for it.

I knew already Robert's concept and taste, so it was easy to make the first sketches and he found his favorite one immediately. The final logo's colors are warm and natural, they refer to food. The letter B is a bite from a load of bread, and a similar bite pops up in the menu and in the favicon.

It was Robert, who made the site's programming, but I also contributed with my ideas and advices.
It comes without mentioning, that it also has a Facebook site.