Hungarian Society in Aalborg

After a long and proper planning process and organizing the Hungarian Society in Aalborg is established. The first assembly was held on the 10 July where the members decided to start up a Hungarian weekend school and kindergarden for children who live in/around Aalborg and a lot of great ideas popped up: film club, book club, excursions, etc.
The virtual meeting point of the whole group is here - the webdesign is still under constuction but the content is up-to-date.
The logo design was my task where besides the name of the society in Hungarian (Aalborgi Magyarok Társasága) I wanted to express our aim by using the Danish and the Hungarian flag: we would like to make some positive changes in our life here, in Denmark by networking, fusion and organizing exciting common activities.

Our second meeting was an informal celebration of the 20 August which is a Hungarian national holiday, the day of our first king St. Stephen (Szt. István) who founded Hungary and the the day of the new bread. Here is the invitation: