Experimental Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Beatbull. He is a Hungarian gastroblogger, who lives in Germany, we had already known each others blogs. He asked me to design a logo to his blog called "Kísérleti Konyha", which means "Experimental Kitchen" in Hungarian. I said yes happily, because the blog is so professional, with excellent recipes and photos, so I thought it would be great to contribute with a nice logo.
First we had to define, what "experimental" means in connection with his kitchen. He refused any associations with the molecular line, though once on a while he flirts with it. As he said he'd rather call his style fusion because he is really opened to everything: for example once he surprised his colleagues with a sweet cake which was filled with green peas. But as far as I see, he is very conscious and disciplined, and would never use any ingredients without a good reason.
As a client he was also very proper. It was not enough to use a typeface or a color because I thought it would fit to his blog. I always had to explain exactly, why. And if he couldn't see the reason, the sketch was refused.
It was a long process, but also a kind of pleasure because I learned a lot about, how to communicate with a client who I have never met personally. At least it takes more time to explain things in e-mails.
These are the versions I liked the most:

I chose blackberry because he often uses fruits to his dishes. And I wanted to visualize the process when a concrete ingredient is transformed to an abstract result in his kitchen. But he meant that this logo is about molecules, so he wanted something different.
Finally he accepted this version:

He often creates bubbly scum to his dishes, that's why there are some bubbles. As for the typeface, the starting points of the letters' lines look as they were written with edged pen held at an angle of about 40°, so it refers to the traditions. But the lines end with no angle and the typeface has no serif, so it's a modern feature. I think it shows some similarities with his kitchen where the starting point is often something traditional with a modern twist.

After the logo we had to make the banner and the enter tab to his Facebook site. I came with some suggestions visualized by sketches.

He made some beautiful photos, and I finally put them together with the graphical elements.

The Hungarian TV chanel "Paprika" had recorded a series of Hungarian gastrobloggers. Here is the episode about him.


Invitation for wine sampling

Gradually I became the (volunteer) graphic designer of the Hungarian Society in Aalborg, which I posted about earlier. I can proudly announce, that the Society is constantly growing, the number of the members is over 100 now.
Recently we got a special offer for a vine sampling from Holsko Vin, a small company distributing Hungarian quality wines in Denmark. It was me, who designed the invitation, which had to be sent out quickly, that's why it wasn't printed, but was delivered online as a pdf file.


Budapest Terminal - new logo

I was asked to redesign the logo and some of the visual elements of Budapest Terminal, which is a program site of Hungary's capital. The earlier logo was not characteristic enough. My client wanted something funny and playful, which refers to the function of the webpage: this is the starting point before one plans some programs or activities and goes out in Budapest. Since the logo has to be used in different surfaces, I decided to make 2 versions: a longer one to banners and other horizontal formats and one closer to a square format with the text in two lines. The comet-like star could be used alone, too, for example as a small icon.

After the logo I designed a printed press ad (left), a special format poster (right) and 3 different stickers (below).