Happy New Year! - card

This is my card for this part of the year. (Did I mention that I love playing with typefaces?)


Christmas card 2010

Think about the birds in the snowy weather!


Christmas decoration

As an educaded decorator, I worked happily as a volunteer on the the decoration of the feast arranged by the Hungaian Society in Aalborg. The low budget was a kind of challenge: I might not used more than 250 DKK for the decoration of the whole hall. With the help of some mates I collected a lot of pine tree branches, branches with different berries, pine cones, hortensia flowers, etc. in the nature. Then I made two different types of compositions (2 x 6 pieces) for the tables: a big one,

a small one with an apple,

and one type (12 pieces) for hanging on the wall lamps.